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Purple Acid Cowgirl Jeans, Wrangler

Purple Acid Cowgirl Jeans, Wrangler

Vintage Wrangler Jeans Womens Acid Wash Purple Denim High waisted

Size 11/12 x 32


Vintage Wrangler acid wash purple jeans are a unique and stylish pair of jeans that capture the essence of the 80s fashion. These jeans are made from a high-quality denim material that has been treated with acid to create a distinct washed-out appearance. The acid wash process gives the jeans a light purple hue with subtle variations in color throughout, which adds to their unique and vintage appeal.

The jeans have a classic fit that sits comfortably on the hips and thighs, with straight legs that provide ample room for movement. They have a traditional five-pocket design, with two pockets at the front, two at the back, and a small coin pocket. The front pockets are accented with copper rivets, which add to the jeans' durability.

The vintage Wrangler acid wash purple jeans have a high waistline, which was a popular style in the 80s. They also feature a button fly and a leather patch with the Wrangler logo on the back waistband, which adds to their vintage charm.

Overall, these vintage Wrangler acid wash purple jeans are a statement piece that captures the essence of 80s fashion. They are unique, stylish, and perfect for anyone looking to add a bold and vintage touch to their wardrobe.
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