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Heavy Hitter Military Jacket

Heavy Hitter Military Jacket

Vintage Cold Weather Military Field Jacket, Woodland Camo, Medium regular with zipped in hood


The perfect way to add some rugged style to your wardrobe. Made from heavy-duty cotton and classic woodland camo, this is sure to turn heads. It was even grabbed from my pile a couple of times as I was looking around for other goodies.

The Jacket is not only ruggedly stylish, but also functional. Equipped with a zipper and snap front closure, four front pockets, and a drawstring waist and hem, so you can adjust it to fit your body and keep your belongings safe.

This jacket is a must-have for anyone who's into vintage and military fashion. It's perfect for layering with your favorite outfits and adding that fat bit of Sprezzatura to your look. With its durable materials and classic design, you know you're getting a jacket that's built to last.

Overall, the Vintage Military Cold Weather Field Jacket is a sick addition to any wardrobe. With its wild style and functional features, it's the perfect way to keep yourself looking fly and feeling warm. So why wait? Grab yourself one of these bad boys today

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