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India Imports of Rhode Island

That's So 70s Mock Neck, Wrap Maxi Dress

That's So 70s Mock Neck, Wrap Maxi Dress

Get your Amish, midsummer, colonial on with this High-neck, wrap maxi dress. Lots of layers, strings and character with this ones. She comes from the 70s, so you've got plenty to learn from her. Some stains present. That may change, as I will try to take them out.

Vintage 70's India Imports Cotton Embroidered Maxi Dress 9/10 Extra Small XS

Sized as XS, 9-10

Shoulders are 14 inches across

Waist is 14.5" across

Model, Quin aka Q, is about 4'9" from the shoulder down


India Imports of Rhode Island Dress, now known as Adini, unleashed its Traditional Indian treasures to the USA in 1967. The Brand started out as EMPORIUM-INDIA, selling Indian Inspired clothing and accessories. Early after their start they transitioned through a few interchangeable name changes to certain stores. The first change being SPECTRUM-INDIA and then SPECTRUM-INTERNATIONAL, to privy its consumers to the range of its selection. They adopted styles that can be seen in Africa, the Middle East and the Appalachia. Taking advantage of the hippie & bohemian boom in tastes the brand became a hit in the US, as well as the UK.

1977, the year its modern name, Adini, comes into play! The first UK store opened in 1979 and the fire brand started to kindle throughout the world. These Timeless pieces are here to stay for vintage collectors and admirers alike.

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