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Goat Suede Leopard Jacket ¿¿ . Schott x Supreme

Goat Suede Leopard Jacket ¿¿ . Schott x Supreme

Schott Supreme Jacket XL Leopard A-2 ss 2018 Goat Suede

Very good condition condition. Reach out if you'd like more pictures or measurements.
Sold as is. Bought secondhand. I believe it is authentic. Let me know if you think otherwise.

This jacket was designed by Supreme and Schott. its multicolored leopard print, big spice stepping into to your closet. XL, which fits most people, but not everybody. Probably more like a loose Large
Goat suede material. I love this material. I have a lighter jacket myself and the texture gives you a new perspective of what clothes can be.
Give it another look.
Meant to keep you lil warmer in the colder seasons. Perfect for anytime you want to show 
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