What are You Running on?

What are You Running on?

They say that energy is exchanged with every interaction.

At least that’s what I say. Newton told us “with every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This law cradles the physical world as we know it. The first sentence is the law by which the metaphysical realm abides by.

This “Living energy”, the life force used to control body and mind into will (right?) is cycled, created, DELETED through the moves made day to day. For example, I love watching people run and look as if their face is going to become part of the ground. They are beat, they seem like they don't want to be there, they ARE GETTING AFTER IT. That’s how I see it and it make me wanna scream ‘til I bust a pipe.

And to someone else they may have convinced them to put their legs on and get a move on. It elates me that someone will put themself into this miserable situation, for what I'm assuming is for their betterment. As you can tell I don't like running. I digress

This runner has caused a chain reaction that involved me and anyone else that witnessed their magic. The runner's existence creates the intangible energy that fueled my fervent fandom and another's desire to do the like. And that runner will never know. 

Our actions are like fruit. Fruit that are being picked up and admired from those who decide to stop and look at the flowers. Take the fruit, eat the fruit, get energized. We never know who's picking us up and taking us with them. What we can know is that our actions result in more reactions & thoughts than you would think.

That’s the energy we are living with and cultivating. 'Living Energy." I don’t know what else to call it. That will be its name for now.

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