You are most likely here cause you are Metal* and have been yanked in by the pull that is Steazy Ds.


Since you've made it this far, listen/read. First thought I must plaster here is:  We are in a game. An RPG**; Hope you read the footnote. That's what it's there for; that's what I'M here for. Teach the pleb you used to know a little something about clothes, cultures, BS, home.

Being that we are game, there is an objective. A number of them. One is to be the freshest of them all. The crispest you can be. You and all your entities.


There are many types of fresh. You see, a potato, dusty root from the dirt, can be fresh. You can be fresher than a potato in many a ways, The beautiful thing about clothing is that there are so many styles that have come before us. there aren't any rules, sometimes usually. In this faction of the game, you make the rules and break them as you please.


You are the dictator of who you are, the maker of your fits, your highest-esteemed critic. 


You are the one to beat. Manipulated by your own being and environment, influencing you and your art.





*Metal: fucking sick & potentially hard, malleable and cold. "You are Fucking Metal, dude"

**role playing game ;) 

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