Life IS to be Shared

Life IS to be Shared

Life is to be Shared

Not just here, more so everywhere. But especially here. That’s what I’m here for. Here, I curate, create, cure-eate to my self-perceived capacity for the betterment of our lives. Here. Is a palace within the internet where I compart and attempt to enchant. 

This is the invitation to those who need one. You vampire people 

There is a central part of secondhand clothing and used goods. It’s in its name; the fact that these gifts we’re now holding has been passed between unfamiliar hands. This material good that’s in your grasp has been given another life, braided within your own. The better alternative to deleting its existence. A few thoughts can be gathered from the previous owner when buying used. They may consist of:

“What great tastes,” “what’s this stain from?” “where does one find this?”

My favorite tidbit of information is that the handler believed its value is of worth to another soul. Some things are harder to release than others. What makes the split easier is believing there’s a like mind on the other side. This isnt much of a parting, but more an inheritance, a sharing. This is not being thrown away, but passed on. 

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