Did you know "Colorado" means "colored" in Spanish? I should've known, but I am a neglective native speaker of Spanish.

ALSO that apparently it's pronounced "Call-O-RAD-O." I believe every state has their own native pronunciation. See for yourself, I tell ya.


Here is the backlog of fits from my trip

March '23.


Here I stand at the bottom of the Exorcist* stairs after having walked 9 miles from the Airport after missing my flight for not paying attention .-.


decided the felt hat was a little too much for me this time around. Mustard crew, orange heathered shacket, linen lady pants, Vans boots


Favorite fit here, Black longsleeve mock neck, Levi's cargos, Cabela's fishing vest, Nike Space Hippie 03, Kavu Sling bag, weekend glasses B)


 Cozy Warm fit for Vail Town Squandering: Vintage Champion Reverse Weave Hoodie, Craghoppers Shacket, Levis Cargos, Vans boots, Blue Neckwarmer



Peace & Amor from Murrland







* 1973 Movie 

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